Texas Senator Questions Legality of Proposed Lotto Game

Texas lawmaker Bob Deuell doubts that it’s legal for the state lottery to host a game in which the state can be the jackpot winner. He has asked the state attorney general for an opinion.

Texas state Senator Bob Deuell has asked the state attorney general, Greg Abbott, to rule on whether a proposal Texas Lottery game violates the state’s constitutional ban of gambling.

The senator questions whether it is legal for a lottery game to keep the prize if there is no grand prize-winner. Normally, if there is no grand prize-winner in a lottery game the prize is rolled over into the next game.

According to some experts, if the state could keep the prize, that gives it a stake in the outcome. “Instead of a lottery being a guaranteed successful business as a lottery is designed to be, with this game the Texas lottery has put itself into a precarious situation in that they may lose, they may win,” said lottery expert Dawn Nettles, quoted by the Dallas Morning News.