UK Trust Funds Study

The Responsible Gaming Trust, funded by the UK gaming industry, has launched an 18-month research project to study problem gambling and compile new measures to identify and treat it.

The UK’s gaming industry’s Responsible Gaming Trust has funded an 18-month study with the goal of better understanding how to recognize and address problem gambling.

Data analysis firm PricewaterhouseCoopers will undertake the study, and will first work with Canada’s Responsible Gambling Council to compare methods of dealing with the issue and minimizing the individual and social impacts.

“We are committed to commissioning research not only to understand player behavior but to improve processes in the industry to mitigate gambling-related harm,” said Marc Etches, CEO of the Responsible Gambling Trust. “I am confident that this work will make a valuable contribution to efforts to minimize gambling-related harm in the remote sector.”

PWC partner and gaming expert David Trunkfield added, “We’ll be using a data-led approach to come up with practical recommendations to improve the identification and mitigation of gaming-related harm. We’re looking forward to working closely with the RGT and remote gaming industry over the next 18 months.”