Vance Named Permanent CEO of Synergy Blue

Amanda Vance, chairwoman of the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians who was interim CEO of supplier Synergy Blue, has been named to the permanent top post.

Vance Named Permanent CEO of Synergy Blue

Skill-influenced gaming supplier Synergy Blue announced that Amanda Vance, the chairwoman of Southern California’ Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indian who was named the supplier’s interim CEO with the departure of founding CEO Georg Washington, has been named permanent CEO.

Vance will fill the role in addition to her position leading the Coachella Valley-based tribe that owns Augustine Casino. Synergy Blue is majority-owned by the tribe.

“Our industry has faced a lot of challenges over the past year, and, with that, we’ve seen a lot of change happening,” Vance said. “However, the demand for innovative casino games and experiences has not slowed down, so neither has Synergy Blue.

“As CEO, I look forward to continuing the company’s momentum and to driving the further development of new and exciting arcade-style gambling experiences for the next generation of gamblers.”

Synergy Blue currently has products placed in six countries, including multiple states in the U.S. With a far-ranging library of both chance and skill-influenced gambling games, Synergy Blue provides a solution to the longstanding challenge faced by casino operators to attract new and younger demographics—a challenge that has only been amplified by older generations staying home amid the global health crisis of 2020.

Designed with eye-catching, arcade hardware and interactive game play, the company’s products bring something new and unique to the casino gambling floor. Their extensive game library includes mobile-style connect three and matching games, as well as an arcade-style driving game, an arcade shooting game and more.