Veteran Exec Bruce Band to Head Massachusetts Sports Wagering

Bruce Band (pictured to the right), a veteran of more than eight years with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, moved up to lead the sports wagering bureau. Band worked for the New Jersey Casino Control Commission for 30 years.

Veteran Exec Bruce Band to Head Massachusetts Sports Wagering

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has announced that longtime regulator Bruce Band has been chosen to the commission’s sports wagering department.

A veteran in gaming circles in multiple states, Band has worked for the MGC as assistant director of the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau since 2014. He also spent 30 years with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

“He’ll lead the commission’s efforts to implement and regulate legal sports wagering in Massachusetts. As the head of the division, he will coordinate with other divisions in the MGC, including responsible gaming, IT, legal, and the IEB,” Executive Director Karen Wells told MassLive.

Commissioner Eileen O’Brien said she remembered being in a room with Band in 2019 as he described just how many casinos he opened. A spokesperson for the commission said it was nearly 20.

“I have every confidence in you,” she said. “Congratulations on the position. I’m sure this is something that will just add to the list of openings.”

A full launch of in-person sports betting is scheduled for January 31, and each of the three casinos appear to be planning celebratory events. Wells said all the commissioners plan to travel to all three casinos that day.

“Everything seems to be on target, but I’m always cautious,” Wells said. “So as a caution, things have to be not only tested in the lab but verified on-site. So we do need to make sure that everything is in order before approving the launch.”