Walker Not Influenced By Casino Ads

Wisconsin residents lately have been deluged with ads both for and against the proposed Menominee Tribe's proposed Kenosha casino. But Governor Scott Walker said the ads are a waste of money because "this is not a political decision." Walker has until February 19 to decide whether or not to allow the casino.

In Wisconsin, groups for and against the Menominee Tribe’s proposed casino in Kenosha are running television ads in an attempt to influence public opinion—and Governor Scott Walker. But Walker recently said the deluge of ads will not make any difference regarding his decision whether or not to allow the casino on the former Dairyland Greyhound Park site. Most likely Walker will announce his ruling at close to or on the February 19 deadline.

“ I should say that any of the groups, any tribal governments that are running ads are just wasting their money because this is not a political decision,” Walker said. He noted the state is trying to come up with a way to work with the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe, whose gaming compact would allow it stop payments of $100 million to the state if the Menominee casino is approved.

“We’re trying to make sure that we can get to the point where we don’t jeopardize that amount of the budget, I mean $100 million is a lot of money,” Walker said.