WMS Awarded Patent for ‘My Poker’

WMS Gaming has been awarded a patent for its video poker product which allows personalization of graphics, ergonomic button placement and other features.

Slot manufacturer WMS Gaming has been awarded a U.S. patent for “My Poker,” a multi-game video poker product that allows players to customize features like the design of the cards, the graphic setup and button placement.

WMS Gaming, since late last year a division of lottery giant Scientific Games, was issued the patent for what the patent title calls “a multi-game video poker machine and system with asymmetric customization features.”

The notice of the action by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office calls My Poker “a gaming system with asymmetric customization capabilities and a method of enabling asymmetric customization of a wagering game. A plurality of selectable game-play features are provided for utilization during the wagering game.

“Players accessing the game-play features are unequally limited as to which features are available for modification, depending on means of access. All features, however, are available for game-play, regardless of means of access.”

My Poker Multi-Game Poker =combines player-popular themes with optional Feature Bet games and personalization through the company’s Player’s Life Web Services The My Poker Winning Streak Poker product offers the same levels of comfort and personalization while combining popular themes and pay tables with a multi-hand feature.