WWE Considering Entering Sports Betting Ring?

Can the world of pro wrestling make a case for becoming another sport folks can bet on? It seems to be a long shot, given the over-the-top, scripted storylines and dramas.

WWE Considering Entering Sports Betting Ring?

Betting on the outcome of a sporting match is at the heart of sport wagers. For example, the Phillies beat the Diamondbacks, 5-4. Payoffs depend on who you bet on and what you bet.

When it comes to putting World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and professional wrestling into the mix, it adds an element foreign to every other bet on the board: the outcome is predetermined and could be changed at a moment’s notice. You can see why the idea of allowing wagers is not universally accepted by every member.

Speculation began swirling recently that the company was interested in potentially grabbing a place among the ever-growing sports betting market, the latest in a flurry of companies that weren’t previously connected to betting but have realized its massive potential.

It’s still rumored that WWE wants in, but many are skeptical. For what it’s worth, an anonymous source quoted by Fightful Select indicated that the wrestlers themselves don’t always have all the information, which could make traditional betting more viable than previously thought.

“Usually, we don’t know the results of matches until about then anyway. There have been world title matches where people didn’t know until shortly before the match, so that won’t necessarily be that different,” the source said. “The concern comes in to where and what we can pitch, how that affects things, and the ability to get things changed that talent doesn’t agree with.” In other words, should creative be mapped out that talent doesn’t like, there’s not much anyone can do about it because WWE can’t

For WWE, getting into this world might be a long shot, at best. To allow gambling on sports where the outcome can be changed just prior to or during a match would be risky. And if, heaven forbid, a wrestler were to go into business for themselves and change a finish on the fly, all hell would break loose.