XpressWest High-Speed Rail Approved

XpressWest wound up being the only realistic bidder to build a high-speed rail line connecting Las Vegas and Southern California, the Nevada High Speed Rail Authority said when it approved XpressWest’s proposal to build the rail line, which the company says will take five years to build in three phases.

The Nevada High Speed Rail Authority approved a proposal by XpressWest to build a high-speed rail system linking Las Vegas and Southern California.

The authority on November 18 gave its approval of XpressWest’s application, which it said was the only one to meet all of the authority’s requirements, which include using a conventional rail system and maintaining a sustained speed of at least 150 mph.

XpressWest initially wants to build a high-speed rail line along a mostly flat grade stretching 185 miles from Las Vegas to Victorville, California.

Once the line between Victorville and Las Vegas is established, XpressWest then wants to extend it to Palmdale, where it can connect with existing commuter lines and essentially connect Las Vegas to most communities in Southern California via public transportation.

The rail line initially would be established as an electrically powered train on a conventional rail, which eventually would be upgraded to a high-speed line, according the XpressWest’s proposal.

XpressWest also wants to build a terminal in Las Vegas on the west side of I-15 near Russell Road.

While no specific timeline is in place, XpressWest wants to begin work in 2016 and complete it within five years.