Zitro’s Glare Installed in Murcia

Zitro has installed its Glare family of cabinets, featuring multi-game titles Wheel of Legends and Bashiba Egyptian, at the BR Group’s Bingo Plaza and other locations in Murcia, Spain.

Zitro’s Glare Installed in Murcia

Slot and bingo supplier Zitro announced that the BR Group has installed titles in the company’s new Glare family of cabinets in its Bingo Plaza in Murcia, Spain, with other BR bingo halls in Murcia to follow.

Among Zitro’s titles at the venues on the new Altius Glare are the multi-game Wheel of Legends, while the Allure Glare cabinet features the Bashiba Egyptian title.

“With the new Zitro games and cabinets, we offer a wide variety of gaming experiences to cover the variety of customers we have in our gaming hall,” said a BR Group representative. “We are happy with the reception these games are getting.”

Oscar Nieto, regional sales manager of Zitro, added, “We thank the BR Group for having bet, once again, on Zitro to multiply its gaming offer at Bingo Plaza, so emblematic in the Spanish gaming scene. We are confident that we will continue to reap joint successes, now also with the incorporation of the new Glare family.”

Zitro’s products have been deployed as of late in the Spanish market and Latin American jurisdictions such as Mexico and Peru, with Glare cabinets expanding across bingo halls such as Mexico’s Palace Bingo & Sports Bets Casino group properties, Codere’s Bingo Canoe in Madrid and more.