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Acres: Operators Losing Billions Each Year from Outdated CMS

A new loyalty study published by Acres Manufacturing has revealed that outdated loyalty systems are costing operators billions per year.

Acres: Operators Losing Billions Each Year from Outdated CMS

Acres Manufacturing Company recently released a new position paper as part of its ongoing series exploring the realities of casino loyalty technology.

This new position paper details the significant negative impact the player enrollment process driven by legacy casino management system (CMS) technology has on casino operators’ cost structures and their ability to benefit from meaningful new revenue opportunities. The new position paper, informed by a survey of over 70 U.S. casinos, along with earlier installments analyzing the state of CMS offerings, is available HERE.

Key highlights of Acres’ CMS enrollment position paper include:

  • Casino customers spend an astounding 1.1 billion minutes annually waiting in line for a player card, resulting in annual revenue losses exceeding $1.75 billion.
  • More than 80 percent of the 110 million player cards printed annually are reprints for existing members.
  • In total, the U.S. casino industry spends nearly $3.0 billion annually on the issuance of physical player cards, with additional billions lost to customers who avoid the cumbersome enrollment process and therefore never become loyal players.
  • Acres projects an additional $2.0 billion in annual revenue from exponential database acquisition growth enabled by Foundation HQ

“The casino industry’s continued reliance on the physical loyalty card, which has become extinct in virtually every other industry, significantly hinders casino’s ability to attract and retain new players,” said Noah Acres.  “New modern CMS technology is needed to overcome this nearly $5.0 billion economic impact caused by the significantly outdated technology capabilities of legacy CMS solutions. Our Foundation™ HQ CMS addresses consumer preferences, thereby helping casinos massively scale new database acquisition by offering and incentivizing a ten second enrollment process to any uncarded player during the play session without the need for a physical player card. We encourage all industry constituents to review our continuing series of position papers that highlight the benefits our approach to casino loyalty technology”