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AGA Again Ducks Online Gaming Debate

The American Gaming Association does not plan to get into the mix in the debate over federal legislation to ban online gaming saying the debate is too divisive within the industry. Instead the association will simply continue to promote casino gaming.

The American Gaming Association head recently said the association does not plan to get involved with the divisive debate over a federal ban of online gambling.

Instead the association will focus on telling the “success story of casinos and their value to communities,” AGA President Geoff Freeman said at the Southern Gaming Summit in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“We will be a relentless champion of gaming,” he said.

Freeman said the association will avoid the internet debate, which has divided the industry into businesses that support federal regulation and those that believe in states’ rights. Still, he said developing new products was vital to the casino industry.

“As casinos become multi-faceted entertainment centers with restaurants, entertainment and amenities designed for all ages, the casino floor also needs to evolve,” he said.