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Bermudians Demand Referendum

A Bermuda activist group says that citizens, not politicians, have the right to make the final decision about casinos in the island territory.

Premier claims popular support for gaming

Bermudians who want the right to decide if casinos should be legalized in the British territory continue to gather signatures on a petition pushing for a referendum.

In December, lawmakers opted for a legislative vote instead of a public ballot. At the time, Premier Craig Cannonier claimed that casino opponents would undermine the voting process if it went forward; he also said 70 percent of islanders already support casinos, suggesting the vote would only be a formality.

The petition group insists the community is entitled to decide if it wants gaming.

“It is our belief that a referendum on casino gambling is the right thing to do, in as much as it provides a credible vehicle to settle the issue of casino gambling in Bermuda, one way or the other,” Jonathan Starling, of Referendum for Bermuda, told the Bermuda Sun. “The lead-up to a referendum allows for a truly objective educational campaign involving both for and against campaigns.”