‘Broken Tooth Koi’ Opens VIP Room

Former Macau crime boss Wan Kuok-koi (l.), aka “Broken Tooth Koi,” reportedly has opened a VIP gambling room in the city. He served a 14-year prison term for money laundering and loan-shark activities.

A man described as “one of the most infamous and feared triad leaders” in Macau history has opened a VIP room in the Chinese territory, reported by Hong Kong’s Next Media.

Wan Kuok-koi, also known as “Broken Tooth Koi,” is a former crime boss who was convicted of loan sharking, money laundering and other mob activities in Macau before the handover by the Portuguese. He served 14 years and was released in December 2012.

According to the Macau Daily Times, he was the “dragon head” of the dreaded 14K Triad Society. Next Media said gaming operators have given Koi a wide berth since his release, fearing to be associated with a convicted criminal, especially as China cracks down on crime in the SAR.

“Bold enough to open a VIP room in gaming industry’s ‘ice age,’ ‘Broken Tooth Koi’ is showing his ability to succeed where others fail,” said Next Media. The outlet said he is “good at playing in the face of adversity.”

Next Media also reported that the onetime gangster has allegedly been granted a seat in a regional body of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on the Mainland.