Casinos in Coloane? Macau Says No

The government of Macau says it will not approve new casinos in the Coloane section of the territory. A hotel project in the vicinity has created interest in a possible gaming element. But with the city in the 13th month of an historic decline, new gaming seems redundant at best.

Lawmaker: Keep “sanctuary” casino-free

The government of Macau may approve legislation that would ban casinos on Coloane Island, says the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong.

Speaking to lawmakers at a Legislative Assembly meeting, Leong said, “If society believes there should be no casinos in certain areas, then aside from the administrative procedures currently in place, we might have to make amendments to the law.”

The question apparently arose because of hotel developments in the area, including the Louis XIII hotel resort, reported the Macau Daily Times. But Leong said, “So far, none of the gaming concessionaires have requested authorization to operate gaming tables following the construction of the hotel Louis XIII.” Currently the law does not bar casino development anywhere in Macau.

“There’s no rule in our law stating that the construction of casinos is banned in certain areas. But we are open to society’s opinions, and if society thinks we need to review legislation to include a ban on casino construction in certain areas, the government is open to such a possibility,” he said.

The Macau News reported that lawmaker Au Kam San has questioned the need for more gaming tables as the gaming industry’s decade-long boom had come to an end. He called Coloane the region’s “final sanctuary,” and urged the government to keep Coloane “as the city’s green lung,” the News reported.