Chambers, Fulwood to Launch Leader Networking Platform

Former Clarion Gaming executive Kate Chambers’ (l.) new company, Fulwood Media, is launching a news and networking platform for gaming professionals called the “Gaming Boardroom.”

Chambers, Fulwood to Launch Leader Networking Platform

Kate Chambers, former managing director of Clarion Gaming, announced plans at Clarion’s ICE London show last week to launch a news and networking platform for leaders of the global gaming industry. The platform, to be called “The Gaming Boardroom,” was developed by Chambers’ new agency, Fulwood Media.

The Gaming Boardroom’s first cross-market product is planned as a members-only platform for C-suite and managing director-level executives. The online product will have four main parts: a curated news feed of industry updates, which Chambers herself will oversee that will be free to all who visit the website; and three subscriber-only features including expert analysis and forecasts.

“I’m answering a question, which I always struggled with as well, even when I was at Clarion,” Chambers told CDC Gaming Reports. “Who inspires the inspirer? As a leader, and I purposely use the word leader, there’s a big difference between being a leader and a manager. Being a leader, you are there to inspire your team. Inspire better working practices, inspire development, inspire strategy, inspire risk-taking, try new things, so you’re inspiring a team to grow a business. But who inspires that inspirer?”

Membership will be offered on two levels. The partner subscription will be for C-suite leaders; and the executive subscription for marketing and compliance directors, among other similar roles.

The Gaming Boardroom will also arrange small in-person events.

“The Gaming Boardroom is a manifestation of my thoughts and feelings, my interpretation of what I found was missing in terms of support when leading a division or company and to really help answer the eternal question, who inspires the inspirer,” Chambers told CDC Gaming Reports.

“This inspiration is difficult to narrow down, and hard to teach, but once you have a trusted source or a way to get at answers, becomes invaluable. I wish this had existed when I was leading and needed inspiration.”