Chile’s Gaming Association Names New President

Former Chilean Ministry of Energy Chief of Staff Mariana Soto has been named president of the Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos. She is the first woman to ever head the association.

Chile’s Gaming Association Names New President

The Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos (ACCJ) has named former Chilean Ministry of Energy chief of staff Mariano Soto as president.

Soto is the first woman to head the association as well as the first person to come to the job from a non-gaming industry position. She takes over from Nicolás Imschenetzky, who left at the end of last year.

Soto told the newspaper Diario Financiero, “I’m facing with great enthusiasm this challenge that I’ve been entrusted with to lead [a sector] that contributes so much to Chile and the regions in which we are present.”

She added, “The proposal they presented to me was very interesting because they want to refund the association and give it a more modern perspective. And also build an up-to-date agenda with the issues that are relevant in the country.”

Soto is also an attorney and notes that Chile’s casino owners “want to collaborate with the authorities to have good public policies, focused on decentralization since it’s a very present sector outside of the capital Santiago de Chile.”