Cisco Partners with League of Legends Esports

Technology conglomerate Cisco and Riot Games have agreed to a deal that will establish Cisco as a partner for League of Legends Esports.

Cisco Partners with League of Legends Esports

Cisco has signed a deal with esports company Riot Games that makes the tech company the official enterprise networking partner of League of Legends Esports. The agreement will provide infrastructure and networking capabilities across five continents and three global events to increase the viewing experience for fans.

Riot Games will deploy more than 200 new tournament game servers in regional studios to be managed through Cisco’s new Intersight SaaS solution. With Cisco providing the technology, Riot Games will create a common footprint across the 12 RBCs including virtualization, storage, and computing to deliver improved performance with reduced latency for regional professional game play.

The company also intends to employ Cisco’s Storage Optimized Computing Solutions to build an archive that will more than triple the amount of usable storage and capacity.

“As a sport completely reliant on technology, it is essential that League of Legends runs on a trusted and reliable network,” said Scott Adametz, esports tech lead at Riot Games. “With Cisco as a partner, we now are able to build and expand the infrastructure necessary to deliver the best esports experience possible for fans and professional players all over the world.”