DEQ, Talisman Settle Lawsuit

DEQ Systems and Talisman Group announced a joint settlement of the lawsuit filed by Talisman over the DEQ EZ Baccarat brand and solutions.

DEQ Systems and Talisman Group announced that they have jointly settled their federal lawsuit involving DEQ’s EZ Baccarat product.

Joe Bertolone, President and CEO of DEQ stated, “Since I’ve been with DEQ, the relationship between the Talisman Group and our management team has been excellent. DEQ and Talisman have been strategically working together to leverage the EZ Baccarat brand and its future.

“This settlement resolves some legacy matters and the distractions and costs associated with litigation. We will now continue to focus on DEQ’s evolution. The EZ Baccarat brand and solutions are expected to be key players in our growth.”

EZ Baccarat has over 700 table games installed throughout the U.S., Canada and Macau. In October of 2014, DEQ announced a deal with LT Game, a subsidiary of Paradise Entertainment Limited (SEHK: 1180),to distribute EZ Baccarat throughout Asia. The EZ Baccarat online game launched on the GameAcccount Network Simulated Gaming platform in March.

“With the settlement, DEQ and Talisman enter a new era with EZ Baccarat, the leading baccarat brand in the world,” said Robin Powell, principal at Talisman. “We expect the brand, in its various distribution channels, will now expand at an accelerated rate.”