Evansville Conservative On Casino Revenue

Evansville, Indiana Mayor Lloyd Winnecke (l.) said he expects the new $50 million land-based Tropicana Evansville to generate $12 million in casino tax revenue for the city in 2018. That's the same amount the former riverboat casino provided for the city. Winnecke said Evansville's conservative approach is likely to change over time.

The million, 75,000 square foot, land-based Tropicana Evansville in Indiana opened October 20. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said he expects around million in casino tax revenue next year—about the same amount the former riverboat casino generated. “We took a very conservative approach to gaming budgeting for next year, in fact we budgeted it to be flat. But we anticipate it will be up. For a while, they’re going to have a leg up on their state-wide competition. That’s a good thing,” Winnecke said.

Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana President Greg Wathen added, “The momentum is swinging our way. This is just the beginning of a really good trajectory for our region. A lot of folks have different perceptions of Evansville and Southwest Indiana and they don’t always perceive what’s here until they get here.”

Winnecke said casino revenue will be directed toward capital projects, such as purchasing new snow plows, police cars, fire trucks or pickup trucks for street maintenance.

Evansville was the first riverboat casino to open when gambling was legalized in Indiana, and now recently became the first to move to land.