Guam Casino May Get Shut Down

Fun and games at the Liberation Carnival in Guam have taken a serious turn, as businessman Jiu Sen Zheng has filed a lawsuit seeking the rights to operate the carnival casino. The Mayor’s Council is operating the casino in-house.

The Liberation Carnival in Guam is a yearly tradition which takes place every summer. Children wait all year long to attend, while adults also anticipate the event, as it gives most the only chance they have to gamble at a casino.

However, a lawsuit has been filed by businessman Jiu Sen Zheng asking the court to issue a writ of mandate to order the carnival casino not to operate in-house by the Mayor’s Council, but rather be bid on for the rights to operate.

Zheng’s attorney, Vincent Camacho said at first the Mayor’s Council was following law, by calling for bids, but then opted to cancel all Requests for Proposals and operate the games in-house, by a specially formed committee called the Guam Liberation Historical Society.

“If the law is on our side then they have to shut it down or put it out for bid,” said Camacho.