Is it ‘Be Kind To Vegas Week’ this February?

Forget Valentine’s Day! A week February is also known as “National Random Acts of Kindness Week” so let’s not forget Las Vegas!

Is it ‘Be Kind To Vegas Week’ this February?

Normally, Valentine’s Day gets the nod for a February column, but this is also the month that features National Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 12-18). It’s an alternative to Valentine’s Day, when during that week you randomly give out roses to strangers.

What if the idea of being kind could be incorporated into Las Vegas where for one week, visitors and hotel/casino guests alike practice reverse hospitality? Could you show kindness on that February trip to Las Vegas?

If you’re up to the challenge, here are some suggestions for performing those acts of kindness:

  • • When you arrive at the hotel and the valet parks your car, tell them to keep it. That’s kindness they’ll remember forever. Having to take a Greyhound bus home makes you a poorer, but gracious–not to mention giving-person.
  • • At registration, turn down the opportunity for a room upgrade and suggest they give it to the next guest. However, be prepared for an angry spouse!
  • • You’ve checked into your room. The next day, clean up your own room, so the housekeeper doesn’t have to (do it). Sure, it feels like you’re doing chores when you’re supposed to be on vacation, but this week only comes but once a year. Besides, it’s also Help The Housekeeper Week.
  • • Head for the buffet and pay it backward: buy a buffet for the cashier. Food is part of sharing, and why not share all that food with a total stranger… on your dime?
  • • Now it’s time for the casino and more courage. Compliment a dealer who has just dealt you a losing hand that cost you dearly. Be big about it: not only compliment the dealer, but leave a toke. Now, that’s being kind!
  • Congratulate the slot player next to you on finding a hot machine. It costs you nothing, and you might even get them to share their jackpot with the change person.
  • • If you hit a big jackpot, give it away to the cocktail server. In return, you’ll receive gratitude and unlimited free drinks.
  • • Let the keno runner take a breather and run the ticket to the counter yourself. You’re being kind… and you’re getting exercise!

These are but a handful of ideas to spread kindness on your trip to Las Vegas in February. By following these suggestions, just think how you will be welcomed the next time you visit, especially when you’re picked up at the airport by the valet driving your former car.

Viva Las Vegas!

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