Las Vegas, Brought to You By…

Vegas is always on the lookout for new revenue streams, and as Ira David Sternberg (l.) posits, innumerable off-the-wall sponsorships may be worth some more consideration.

Las Vegas, Brought to You By…

The epiphany came to me recently at T-Mobile Arena, while watching the Vegas Golden Knights (Go Knights Go!) win a great game. Nearly everything connected with the ordinary operation of the game is now sponsored, including the power play, the final minute and even when the Knights Guard clear the ice.

While the insight came to me at T-Mobile, it is clearly ubiquitous in other major league sports’ venues. And given the influence of major league sports and the agility with which resorts can jump on any new revenue stream, could this new form of advertising explode onto the Vegas Strip?

For example, what if tickets purchased at The Mob Museum were stamped with “This ticket printed compliments of Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel?” Or perhaps when you register at the Flamingo, your key card is stamped with “Brought to you by The Mob Museum, the permanent home of Bugsy Siegel.”

You see, we are not talking about conventional display advertising, but rather advertising embedded into all nuances of the Las Vegas experience. And my only fear is that casino execs will read this column and run with the ball.

But laying my fears aside, here is how Las Vegas might maximize its profits, yet also maim the goose that lays the golden eggs:


*Most of the Strip resorts already charge for self-parking. Why not add a message on the ticket to remind customers of the consequences of not paying for their parking?: “Parking brought to you by your friends at Ace Towing.”

*Guests that valet park get a different ticket: “Dent Removal? Call EZ-Dent 24/7.”

*Guests enter their rooms and are greeted with flowers and a note: “Your room is brightened for you by “Phone-A-Florist.””

*Order room service, and it is delivered surprisingly on time, with “Delivery time sponsored by FedEx.”

*Time for a headliner or production show? Guests are seated and then hear a pre-taped announcement: “Welcome to our showroom, constructed by Las Vegas Resort Builders.”

*Guests enter the buffet and pass a sign: “Tums, for your immediate needs.”

*Gamblers decide to play Keno and the ticket reads: “Thanks to the people at Crayola.”

*Craps players who order their last stack of chips are handed a note by the dealers: “We Believe In You! …From your friends at The Easy-Loan-By-Phone Company.”

*Players winning big at slots or video poker? The screen lights up: “Congratulations! This jackpot message is sponsored by the “Don’t Forget To Tip Your Attendant Association.”

These are just some of the possibilities (and there are endless others) that could be implemented once the advertising revenue starts flowing. And Las Vegas resorts and casinos won’t be damming the flow until the customers start complaining.

By the way, did I mention this column is brought to you by the fine folks at Global Gaming Business?

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