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Nevada Tech Committee Looks at Other Issues

Nevada lawmakers convening to assess the impact of new technologies on the gaming industry will look at associated issues, such as entity wagers and betting on elections.

Strategizing ahead of 2015 session

ANevada legislative committee formed to study the effect of technology on gaming will also discuss entity wagering on sports and allowing bets on elections, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

At the first meeting of the group?the multisyllabic Committee to Conduct an Interim Study Concerning the Impact of Technology Upon Gaming?chairman and Assembly Majority Leader William Horne said the group can take on a number of issues when it convenes this year, ahead of the 2015 legislature.

The committee was formed primarily to study the effect of burgeoning technological advancements on the Silver State’s leading industry, such as mobile wagering, social gaming and data mining. It now will also take up issues such as entity wagering, which would allow private equity firms to place sports wagers on behalf of their clients.

“These meetings give us an opportunity to discuss some the important and initial issues ahead of the legislature,” Horne said.