NY Racing Board Gets New Chairman

Michael Del Giudice will serve as chairman for the New York Racing Association, following an announcement Anthony Bonomo, the current chairmen, is stepping down. Bonomo’s company has recently been linked to a corruption case.

The New York Racing Association has announced Michael Del Giudice, the current association’s vice chairman, will replace current Chairman Anthony Bonomo, after Bonomo’s company was linked to a corruption case against former state Senate Leader Dean Skelos.

Del Giudice is no novice when it comes to politics, and has served as top aide to former governors Mario Cuomo and Hugh Carey. He was an advisor for Governor Andrew Cuomo following the 2010 election. John Durso Jr., NYRA spokesman, said Del Giudice will lead until a new chairman is chosen.

Prosecutors said Bonomo, who is the CEO of a medical malpractice insurer, provided a “no-show” job to Dean Skelos’ son, Adam Skelos. Both have pled not guilty to the charges, in addition to allegations of extortion.