Orenes Grupo Chooses JCM Global

The Orenes Grupo Casino Division has named JCM Global as its preferred supplier of bill validators for its casinos in Spain and Mexico.

Cash-handling technology provider JCM Global announced that the Orenes Grupo Casinos Division in Spain has named JCM its preferred supplier of bill validators, and has named JCM’s award-winning iVIZION validator its preferred product.

In addition to a wide range of business activities, Orenes Grupo Casinos Division owns and operates eight casinos in Spain and two casinos in Mexico. The Spanish casinos currently use JCM’s WBA and UBA validators, and now all eight casinos will convert those products to the faster iVIZION.

“We have been very happy with the performance of JCM’s WBA and UBA bill validators at our properties, and with JCM’s commitment to service,” said Gregorio Hernandez, general manager of Orenes Grupo Spain Casino Division. “Having reviewed iVIZION’s capabilities, we were extremely impressed with the product and knew it was time to evolve our operations.”

“Orenes Grupo is one of the most important casino operators in Spain, and their impressive business portfolio speaks to the company’s high of expectations from their vendors,” added JCM EMEA General Manager Payam Zadeh. “We are honored to have been chosen as their preferred supplier, and we are confident in our ability to deliver the high quality of products and service Orenes Grupo needs and expects.”