Parimatch Appoints Supervisory Board

Parimatch has created an advisory team to take it to the next level in sports betting and iGaming, and navigate the firm though a possible IPO. Maksym Liashko (l.) will serve as co-CEO with Roman Syrotian.

Parimatch Appoints Supervisory Board

Cyprus betting company Parimatch has created a new advisory team charged with taking it to the next level in sports betting and iGaming, and navigating the firm though a possible IPO.

The supervisory board will exist as a separate entity and will not be directly involved with the company’s day-to-day operations, per CDC Gaming Reports.

Members of the advisory team include Katerina Belorusskaya, a major stakeholder who has been with the company since 2011, and Marek Šmrha, a non-executive consultant of the board.

Sergey Portnov will relinquish his role of CEO and serve as board chairman; Maksym Liashko will serve as co-CEO along with Roman Syrotian.

“Updates in the company’s structure and creating a board is an indicator of the company’s maturity and readiness. Now is the best time for such changes,” Portnov commented. “I am sure that this will strengthen the brand’s strategy and will allow the large ship that is Parimatch to move along the route rapidly.”

Liashko and Syrotian will also serve on the supervisory team.

“For Roman and me, a dual CEO structure is a logical move and consolidation of the company’s growth directions,” said Liashko. “We know our areas well, and we will do everything to implement the company’s plans to enter the next level of development.”

Syrotian added, “Maksym and I are granted the responsibility of leading the company as co-CEO. It’s an honor for me. Being already in excellent shape today, Parimatch has ambitions of achieving top positions on the markets all over the world.

“I hope to contribute to this goal by ensuring that we provide our customers with the highest quality entertainment and services.”