Pechanga to Deploy Marker Trax

California’s Pechanga Resort will make Marker Trax cashless slot credit markers available to guests through an interface with Light & Wonder’s SDS slot management system.

Pechanga to Deploy Marker Trax

Marker Trax, LLC, a Las Vegas-based specialty financial services company, announced that it will expand its cashless fundraising operation at Pechanga Resort Casino in Southern California.

Through interface with the SDS slot management system from Light & Wonder (formerly Scientific Games) and integrated wallet cashless solution, guests will be able to apply for Marker Trax digital markers securely online or via a user-friendly mobile app. Enrollment is free. Players are approved within minutes upon qualifying, and players can self-manage their cashless Marker Trax account through the dashboard.

“We are excited to extend this unrivaled technology to the team at Pechanga Resort Casino,” said Charlie Skinner, chief operating officer of Marker Trax.

“The partnership with Marker Trax at this launch demonstrates the continued momentum of cashless technology,” said Rob Bone, senior vice president of global systems at Light & Wonder. “Pechanga customers will benefit from a more engaging and personalized gaming experience.”

“This partnership will result in a safe and convenient offering for our valued Pechanga guests and is in line with our commitment to continually enhancing the player experience,” said Jeff Durler, chief financial officer of Pechanga Resort Casino.

“The requirement to be a member of the Pechanga Club adds to the benefits guests receive. They also get peace of mind knowing that they have applied securely, been approved, and can start using their digital marker—all in a matter of minutes and all electronically.”

Instead of providing physical funds for casino markers, guests enrolled in a PIN-protected Light & Wonder Unified Wallet cashless betting account can use their Marker Trax credit line to play electronically at any slot or video poker machine at the casino.

“We are excited to offer play now and pay later through this partnership and look forward to our launch with Pachanga and our friends,” said Gary Ellis, founder and CEO of Marker Trax.