Princess Picks TCSJohnHuxley

Princess Casinos International has put in a large order for table-game sorting and shuffling equipment with London-based TCSJohnHuxley.

London-based table-game supplier TCSJohnHuxley announced that it has completed a recent large equipment order for Princess Casinos International’s Caribbean casinos.

This latest order consists of four Chipper Champ2 chip sorting machines and 30 A Plus Continuous Shufflers for casinos located in Suriname, Mexico, Belize and St. Maarten.

“We selected the products from TCSJohnHuxley after conducting extensive tests in our casinos over a period of time,” said Oguz Tayanc, director of operations, Americas for Princess Casinos International. “That, coupled with excellent service throughout Central/South America, the Caribbean and the recent addition of an Aruba-based service technician, gave us the confidence that TCSJohnHuxley is committed to this very important region and to Princess Casinos International.”

Brad Broderick, TCS John Huxley COO, Americas, added, “Our thanks go out to Oguz and his team for selecting TCSJohnHuxley, and we look forward to the continued partnership with Princess Casinos International. Central/South America and the Caribbean continues to gain momentum, and this order further strengthens our product footprint across the region.”