Resort-of-the-Month Club

Monthly subscription packages are ubiquitous in this day and age, so why not tailor a club featuring goodies from some of Las Vegas’ most iconic resorts? As always, Vegas expert Ira David Sternberg (l.) has some ideas.

Resort-of-the-Month Club

Everybody knows about the Fruit-of-the-Month Club. It’s been around for decades and it’s an easy way to sample a different fruit each month.

So, the larger question to address for this column: Why hasn’t Las Vegas tried this concept for connecting with customers or potential customers on a monthly basis? Imagine receiving a “basket” from a different resort each month full of goodies that remind you of what you’re missing by not visiting Las Vegas.

Could this program work? Yes, indeed. Preferred customers could receive an annual subscription to receive a “basket” from a different resort each month (LVCVA, are you listening?). Here are some calendar examples from the new Resort-of-the-Month Club:

January: Subscribers receive a basket from MGM Grand filled with a toy lion (Leo, of course), two DVDs of MGM films, past or present, and an Uber pass to visit any of their million properties in Las Vegas.

February: The Four Seasons sends an elevated basket (read gold-plated) with branded linens and pillowcases that will remind you of your great stays at their resort. Also thrown in: a month’s worth of chocolate to put on your own pillow each night.

March: Subscribers get a basket from The Mirage (soon to be the Hard Rock). Since the property is in transition, the goodies are a two-fer that include both a toy volcano and a mini electric guitar.

April: April in Paris, of course, so Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino includes a photo of Gene Kelly, half a loaf of French Bread (it’s a small basket) and a split of champagne.

May: New York, New York stays true to its theme by sending a basket of subway tokens, a Nathan’s hot dog and a roller coaster built with Legos.

June: No clowning around when Circus Circus subscribers get a bag of popcorn, three juggling balls and a red rubber nose.

July: Fans of the Westgate will receive pictures of Elvis and Barry (past and present residencies) and an invite to a time-share presentation (now that’s marketing!).

August: Caesars Palace rolls out the goodies with a gift card for Forum Shoppes, the iconic Caesars gold medallion and a statuette of David.

September: Treasure Island ships a plastic sword, an eye patch and enough booty for three turns at one of their slot machines.

October: The Strat sends a bottle of Dramamine for your next trip to the Sky Jump and Big Shot…and a certificate good for one bland meal prior to your visit.

November: The Venetian, of course, includes pasta, a wind-up gondola with recorded music and a Sphere snow globe.

December: And, to conclude the year, the Golden Nugget sends a replica golden nugget, a map of downtown Las Vegas and two folding chairs to sit on Fremont Street and watch the world go by.

Creative marketing such as the Resort-of-the-Month Club means Las Vegas stays ahead of the competition and in the minds of their customers.

And what better way to greet them when they visit but with a basket of fruit?

Articles by Author: Ira David Sternberg

Ira David Sternberg is host of “Talk About Las Vegas With Ira,” a weekly podcast that features engaging conversations with celebrities, entertainers, writers, and personalities. He is a veteran casino publicist with executive experience at the Tropicana and Las Vegas Hilton, as well as a writer and broadcaster. Listen to Ira’s weekly shows at He can be reached at