RG24seven Pitches Responsible Gaming Training

RG24seven is offering a responsible gaming training program that is presented by professionals in gaming and supported by industry leaders.

RG24seven Pitches Responsible Gaming Training

RG24seven announced the launch of a certified online network of video-based responsible gaming training in a partnership with GVC Holdings go provide training for U.S. gaming employees in all jurisdictions.

“As the global gaming industry grows and evolves, every single jurisdiction that has not already done so, will require organizations to provide responsible gaming training,” said Wendy Anderson, CEO of RG24seven. “Just as important, our growing workforce of millennials and Gen Zs are demanding that the places they work and frequent as patrons are good corporate citizens. Compliance-grade and certified, RG24seven is setting the standard for RG training worldwide.

“We have brought together professionals from all parts of our industry to provide insight and intelligence on responsible gaming. The end product is a fantastic collaboration of short and compelling videos that are the basis for RG24seven’s interactive training. Importantly a portion of not just our profit, but our revenue, is being returned to our partners for responsible gaming training and education. Supporting ongoing RG research is key to our mission.”

Frank Fahrenkopf, co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates and founder and first CEO of the American Gaming Association, commented, “I have been an advocate of RG24seven since its inception. It’s a very important milestone when the global gaming industry comes together to provide one voice on such an important topic as responsible gaming.”

“It’s so important that our employees know how responsible gaming can affect our patrons as well as our businesses, and what they need to remember as conscientious advocates for the gaming industry,” said Martin Lycka, director of regulatory affairs at GVC Holdings and chairman of the RG24seven Advisory Board. “RG24seven Responsible Gaming training is enabling us to track, measure and monitor our RG training in the US.”

National Indian Gaming Association Chairman Ernie Stevens said, “NIGA is proud to be taking a proactive stance on responsible gaming. Education and training of our tribal gaming employees is a critical component of NIGA’s responsible gaming strategy, and RG24seven’s compliance-grade RG training is helping us to reinforce our stance on social, safety and responsibility issues.”

Anderson concluded, “I am very grateful to all of our partners, advocates and contributors for working with us to provide this important training to the global gaming industry. We are proud to be contributing in a substantial way to furthering education and research into responsible gaming. Our mission will always be ‘to do good while being good.’”