Something Brewing In Las Vegas

It’s American Craft Beer Week in May… Oh, the possibilities to market Las Vegas brew pubs and casinos. Just imagine the fizz!

Something Brewing In Las Vegas

Something is brewing in Las Vegas in May…specifically May 16-22. It’s American Craft Beer Week and it sounds like something Las Vegas can step up to the bar and rally around as a natural valley-wide promotion.

While the city and county cannot necessarily promote drinking (former Mayor Oscar Goodman and his ever-present martinis being the exception), individual properties and attractions can certainly capitalize on this special week to attract visitors, and of course, beer lovers.

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas certainly knows how to promote beer on a daily basis, but Craft Beer Week can be a big deal for all of Las Vegas. Here are some suggestions:

  • The D Las Vegas becomes The Draft Las Vegas. Not too much expense for putting up temporary “raft” stickers after the “D” throughout the property. (Customers who can’t read letters after “D” will be cut off from drinking.)
  • SlotZilla, the zip line attraction at Fremont Street Experience, will offer a mug of beer… but only after the ride. That way, it’s both a celebration of zipping over Fremont Street and a precaution for any people below.
  • Any Airbnb can participate simply by transitioning from bed and breakfast to bed and beer. Of course, the beer would come first, then the bed.
  • The Sahara would be a natural for a beer promotion. Who wouldn’t want to quench their thirst after trekking through the Sahara?
  • The Strat becomes the Stout. Good for the image, since stout is a strong, rich beer. But again, no drinking from the observation deck (see SlotZilla).
  • The Mob Museum has its own distillery, but this is the time to create its own beer in addition to moonshine…at least for this week. How about Lucky Luciano Lager?
  • Encore at Wynn, the perfect name for another round of beer. High-end imports only, of course.
  • Four Seasons would be the perfect resort to offer a different beer for each season. Even better if they had a different beer for each day of this celebratory week.
  • Main Street Station has its own brewery, making it the perfect spot for highlighting a special brew to salute this special week. Maybe they can help out their competitors with a cask or two.
  • Any escape room would work. It wouldn’t matter which beer you drink. The question is whether you can escape after chugging down several.

These are just some of the possibilities, but there are clearly more. After all, Las Vegas could become the beer capital of the world. And last, but not yeast, remember this:

Even if American Craft Beer Week is not everyone’s cup of tea (love those mixed beverage phrases), Las Vegas is always good for what ales you.

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