Spintec Distributor Installs ETGs in Macau

APE, the Asian distributor of Spintec electronic table games, has installed Spintec’s Karma electronic sic bo/craps cabinet in a Macau integrated resort.

Spintec Distributor Installs ETGs in Macau

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Limited (APE) announced that the Karma GEN2 Sic Bo/Craps produced by Spintec has been installed in one of the largest Macau integrated resorts.

The eight-seat Karma GEN2 Sic Bo/Craps multi-game cabinet integrates the two games by rolling the same dice, and it has a proofed strong performance in Macau since its first launch in 2020.

“We are so glad to hear this good news, and we appreciate the professional arrangement and assistance provided by APE to make this happen,” said Mitja Nornik, Spintec’s regional sales manager.

“It has been 10 years since Spintec started the partnership with APE. APE is our exclusive distribution trusted partner in Macau and Singapore’s new cooperation project. Besides that, we are collaborating in most Asia countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. We hope to receive positive feedback from operators towards this installation in Macau, and are looking forward to more orders from Macau and SEA countries.”

“The Macau gaming industry has been experienced a tough period in the past two years, but I believe the Spintec machine installation is an indication to show the entire tourism is getting better, as the operator showed strong interest in introducing new machines to their casino,” said Vicky Chan, assistant general manager of sales and marketing for APE. “We will keep eyes on the performance of the new installed sic bo/craps multi-game cabinet. Moreover, as a long-term ETG distributor of Spintec in Asia, we will keep seizing opportunities to bring the innovative products into different markets.”