TCSJohnHuxley Launches Diamond Rotor

TCSJohnHuxley has launched an innovative Diamond Rotor as part of its latest generation of the Saturn automatic roulette wheel, meant to give the roulette ball a wider bounce.

TCSJohnHuxley Launches Diamond Rotor

London-based table game supplier TCSJohnHuxley has released the Saturn Auto Diamond Rotor roulette wheel, which incorporates all the features of the existing Saturn Auto wheel but offers an additional option that not only incorporates a striking design, but also produces a wider variation of bounce as the ball travels around the wheel.

This increased bounce is due to the Diamond Rotor’s unique design, which provides players with added excitement, building anticipation as they wait for the result.

The Saturn Auto Diamond Rotor wheel provides an automated solution for operators with its three operating modes and the most compact table-top automatic wheel available. The Saturn Auto Diamond Rotor is a versatile roulette wheel, perfect for all casino environments and ideal for connected devices such as the company’s Qorex Electronic Gaming Terminals, or third-party ETG systems to control when the spin is started.

The Diamond Rotor is an optional extra to the standard Saturn Auto Roulette Wheel, and can be supplied as an upgrade to existing Saturn Auto wheels as a factory-fitted item.

“Our Saturn Auto Roulette wheel is already the auto wheel of choice with operators for their live and online games as well as ETG systems, said Tristan Sjöberg, executive chairman of TCSJohnHuxley. “With the launch of the striking Diamond Rotor we can now provide an added element of excitement as players watch the boosted bounce of the ball before it comes to its final resting result.”