Nevada Gaming Commission Chair Moran Steps Down

John Moran Jr. (l.) has retired from his membership in the Nevada Gaming Commission. He also served as Commission chair. Vice Chairman Steve Cohen has assumed the position on an interim basis.

Nevada Gaming Commission Chair Moran Steps Down

September 23 marked John Moran Jr.’s final day as a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which he chaired. Vice Chairman Steve Cohen has become chair on an interim basis, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“My goal was always to serve the state of Nevada and the people on three commissions and to chair all three,” Moran said. “Now, I’ve reached my goal some time ago and have really enjoyed being a chairman. But it’s really time to move over and give somebody else a chance at it.”

Moran’s departure leaves the five-member panel short two people. Governor Steve Sisolak has not appointed a replacement for Deborah Feutsch, who stepped down after four years in May.

Appointed to the board in 2004, Moran served as acting chairman since the resignation of Tony Alamo in April 2020.

Before joining the commission, Moran served on the Colorado River Commission and the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners.

“I really want to see some people get in there and give some other people a chance to serve the state,” Moran said. “It’s been really rewarding for me.”