The Empire Group Explodes in 2021

The Empire Technological Group has shown exponential growth after exceeding 1,000 machine placements for 2021, including the popular J Flex-43 cabinet (l.).

The Empire Group Explodes in 2021

Empire Technological Group Limited, a full source developer, manufacturer and supplier of gaming products and technology to the casino industry, last week provided a 2021 year-end update.

Empire began placing their first slot machines in California late Q4 2020 and have not looked back since. The first install of the Akkadian cabinet was at Colusa Casino in Northern California. By the end of 2021, Empire will exceed 1,000 units in North America, making Empire the fastest growing gaming manufacturer in the history of the gaming industry. With a strong pipeline of developed products, 2022 is staged to be an even bigger year than 2021.

Empire will round out 2021 as the industry’s leading provider of high denomination themes at or near the top over the past several months, recently reaching number-one in a publicized data report for all manufacturers.

New for 2021, is the multigame table game slots offering craps, baccarat, pai gow, roulette and blackjack all in one cabinet. Players can now enjoy all their favorite table games in a single cabinet. With the patented Real Deal feature, players will see the cards being dealt by a real dealer and the roulette ball rolling on a real roulette wheel.

Also in 2021, Empire will be releasing their newest cabinet, the J Flex 43 which will feature a J-Curved monitor and a separate suite of game themes designed specifically for low denomination players. The first of many titles released on this cabinet will be THOR and ODIN. The J Flex 43 will have intense graphic capabilities and includes the latest in player conveniences, such as wireless cell phone and USB charging.